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Got questions?  We have provided answers to the most asked questions for our Arise opportunities.   If you cannot find an answer, please email our Customer Service Department.

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Can I work from any location?

CSP's are able to work from any location within the US except for CA, WI, OR, MD, CT, MA, or NY.  


Will I be an employee of Creative Resources Connections?

This is an Independent Contractor opportunity.  You are responsible for your taxes, your equipment, an applicable fees and for your training certification.  You are able to select how your work, when you work and which client you will work with.  You are responsible for your own taxes and will receive a 1099-MISC if you earn $600 or more during the year.


What benefits are offered?

While no traditional benefits are offered to Independent Contractors, Creative Resources Connections does provide incentives, bonuses, administrative and invoice services, end of year 1099,  and process documents to assist you.


How much will I get paid?

The pay rate depends on the Client opportunity you choose to service.  The pay ranges from $9.00 to $14.00 per hour plus bonuses and incentives.  Direct Deposits of revenue earned are made on the 1st and 15th of each month.


Are there any fees?

Creative Resources Connections deducts $45.00 per pay period which covers the ARISE Platform access and servicing fee.  Independent Contractors see less deductions from their servicing revenue then from any other regular paycheck.  Typically, most of our Contractors can cover the fees in 1 - 2 days of working.


Is there a background check?  What is the fee?

Yes successful completion of a background check is required.  The cost of the background is $9.99. The cost of the background check is refunded if enrollment into a Client opportunity is completed within 30 days of completion.


What are the equipment requirements?

Independent Contractors are responsible for providing the required equipment to service a Client Opportunity.  Generally, the requirements are:

  • Landline phone
  • Phone with headset
  • Internet Modem (hardwired connection using an ethernet cable from your computer)
  • Computer or Laptop (Windows 8 or 10)
  • USB Headset with microphone

   ****We recommend our Partner WAHES for competitive equipment pricing, if needed****


Is there a cost for certification?

Certification prepares you to service the client opportunity.  As an Independent Contractor, you are responsible for the certification costs to ensure you are knowledgeable regarding the Client's systems and calls.  While you are not paid during the certification period, once you have successfully completed all of the requirements you will then be able to start taking calls and determine the amount of hours and revenue you earn.  


My family is military.  Is there a discount?

First, thank you for your service!  As a veteran owned company, we can appreciate and understand the sacrifice made for your service and the service of your family!  Thank you!   Please click here for our Military Discount program.


I am ready to get started! 

First, create your profile here.

    You will be asked if you were referred.  Please use this information: 

       - CSP ID# 1017016 and the name Alana Daniels will populate.  She owns the Company

       - Next, select Creative Resources Connections as the IBO.  In the search field, enter our IBOID 104794.         

         Click the magnifying glass to search then click submit.

        - Send us an email [email protected] so we can finalize acceptance.